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Shop with Heart

Shop small. Shop with purpose. Shop with heart. Shop with a reason. The reason being - you are helping to clothe, shelter, feed and aid in recovery for many in the Wiregrass and surrounding areas. You are a pivotal part of God's grace towards the community. He gave the dream and you all our customers are part of the fulfillment of that dream. The dream that no man, woman or child would ever be without or would be without opportunity for something better. We could not and would not ever be able to do it without you - the local community. It takes so many hands in the harvest for it to be plentiful. We can plant all day long but we need others to help see to the ground also and to water seeds too. Shop with purpose and shop with heart is what the mission of our Bargain Centers are. You're buying a toy you see for your granddaughter or grandson and it might seem so small but it's helping feed a hungry child. The clothes you buy help families stay warm in our shelter. Your financial contribution helps men and women recover and be reunited with their families. Please be encouraged today that what you do matters and we appreciate it!

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