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Rain on us Lord

Hear the word roaring as thunder With a new future to tell For the dry season is over There is a cloud beginning to swell.

Have you ever felt like you were about to bust at the seams? That life, ministry, relationships, school, work whatever it was had become so heavy that at anytime it could just BUST and destroy you?!

I just had this thought - what if it wasn’t going to destroy you but really it was something good. Something good coming out of releasing control. Something marvelous coming out of seemingly disaster. We hear the cliches all of the time - no rainbow with the storms and rain. No flowers without rain. What if it’s true though… what if most of our life is spent hesitating and being scared for the, “ rain “ to fall in our lives. Scared for the storms to come. Scared of what the storms might remove. What if we could be excited for what the rain might refresh? For what the rain might restore and reveal?

Maybe you’ve been in a drought spiritually, financially etc and you’ve been praying for a type of down pour from the Lord. You didn’t expect it to come in the form of a storm though - but friends storms carry the most rain.

I want to encourage you as the Lord is encouraging me - look to those times and seasons with great expectation for what’s coming NEXT!

Okay Lord - let the rain come. Let the dark clouds roll in. Let the storms thunder. Let things get shaken up. Refresh the dry places in my heart. Refresh my dreams. Refresh my life. Lord water the places in my life that have been neglected. Lord let me know that this rain is going to replenish me and us.

I receive your rain - it whatever way it comes. It isn’t a bad thing but it’s a good thing. A rain from the Lord that heals, renews and strengthens. A rain that leaves you refreshed. A rain that leaves the rainbow and brings the promise with it.

We receive your rain lord. We really really do. Thank you Lord for hearing our desperate hearts pleas and cries for more of you. Thank you for raining on us no matter what we’ve done or become - change us Lord. Purify our hearts. Rain on me Lord. Rain on me Lord. Rain on me again Lord.

Flood my life oh Lord.

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