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Lisa Eller
Benevolence Counselor

Here at the Mission, we seek to provide assistance to individuals and families with all sorts of needs in Enterprise, Elba, and Geneva. Our guidelines for assistance help spread the love of Christ in tangible ways. To apply for assistance, please visit one of our three Mission locations and complete an interview with one of our staff members. 

Below is a list of the various types of assistance we provide:

- Rent/Mortgage                                     

- Utility (power, water, etc.)                                               

- Hotel 

- Transportation(includes bus)

- Gasoline

- Medical Equipment (loan out)

- Food

- Bargain Center Vouchers (clothing, furniture, appliances, etc.)


The following documents are required each time assistance is requested.


NOTE: We are only able to provide assistance to residents living in Coffee and Geneva Counties.

  1. Must be head of household

   2. Picture I.D. and Social Security Card

   3. Verification of ALL Income over the             past 30 days:

     - Food Stamps

     - Child Support

     - Disability Income

   4. Verification of ALL Expenses over the         past 30 days:

     - Water Bill

     - Electric Bill

     - Lease/Housing Agreement

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