Davey's Story

Since I was 15, I have used alcohol and some type of drugs. I got into construction work at an early age and it was just “normal” to drink after work and smoke pot on the job. I went from smoking pot to pain pills then to meth. It got to where I couldn’t hold a job. I just wouldn’t go, which led to problems at home. The mother of my children would eventually leave me and take the kids. Trying to figure out a way out of the situation drove me to depression and led to thoughts of hopelessness and thoughts of suicide. I can remember waking up in my truck thinking, “You’re never gonna change. You are going to die just like this.” I thought there is no way that this is the life that was meant for me. My brother, Kenneth, heard about my situation and came and got me. He brought me to his house and we started talking. I told him I was tired of living the way I was living and I wanted to find some help. As we were talking, Kim, his wife was inside on the computer looking for a program that might help me. We were in Elba at that time and saw that Enterprise had a recovery program called New Life.

Just the name alone gave me hope. I wrote them a letter and we drove it to the New Life office. They accepted me that day with all of my brokenness and with open arms. God really began to work on me.

In June of 2019 one Sunday at the Christian Mission Church, Bro. Johnny asked us if we were saved and I didn’t know the answer. So, I got up and went to the alter.  I wasn’t going to leave until I had an answer that I was saved. Well, later on that month, I was shaken awake in my bunk by a voice telling me, “Everything is okay.” I took that as confirmation from God to help erase any doubts I had about where I would spend my eternity.

The longer I was away from the drugs and alcohol, the more I was able to heal from my addiction and my sin. I was able to regain my focus and turn it toward God and His will for my life.

The addiction was just the first battle. I was also fighting a battle with skin cancer that was getting worse and worse by the day. Me and Bro Horace prayed about it and we said God will make a way. This gave me the hope that I needed to make it through.

Not long afterwards, Bro Horace called me in and said that he had found a doctor that would do my operation and a hospital to do it free of charge. It was my old surgeon. In one day the cancer was removed and I was headed to recovery God had delivered me from drugs and alcohol. Now He had taken the cancer from my body as well.

 I have a job with the Christian Mission. I’ve been reunited with my daughters. I will transition out of the Aftercare facility this week and begin establishing a home for me and my daughters.   I have a year of sobriety. It feels like my life is a snowball effect in the right direction and I am a child of God.

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